Android Development

  • Duration: 12 weeks
Interested in learning how to make Android apps? Learn Android development with industry expert.
This Android training course is designed to quickly get you up to speed how to make Android apps for Android devices. This Android development training course will teach you the basics of the Android platform and the application life cycle. You will be able to write simple GUI applications, use built-in widgets and components, work with the database to store data locally, and server side handling with APIs and Services, and much more by the end of this Android training course course.

This outline is not final , course contents will  discuss in the classroom.

Course Objectives:

As a result of taking this Android training course, you will be able to:
  • Describe the platforms upon which the Android operating system will run.
  • Create a simple application that runs under the Android operating system.
  • Access and work with the Android file system.
  • Create an application that uses multimedia under the Android operating system.
  • Access and work with databases under the Android operating system.

Final Projects

  • Full Classified App
  • Shopping Cart System
  • For university students project will be according to their university proposals
  • You can work on your own idea


Introduction to Java Programming

Course Introduction
Course Objectives
Course Overview
Using the Workbook
Suggested References

2. Getting Started with Java

What is Java?
How to Get Java
A First Java Program
Compiling and Interpreting Applications
The JSDK Directory Structure

3. Eclipse

Introduction to Eclipse
Installing Eclipse
Running Eclipse for the First Time
Editors, Views, and Perspectives
Setting up a Project
Creating a New Java Application
Running a Java Application
Debugging a Java Application
Importing Existing Java Code into Eclipse

4. Language Fundamentals

A Java Program
If Statements
Switch Statements
Loop Statements
Syntax Details
Primitive Datatypes
Expressions in Java
Enhanced for Loop

5. Objects and Classes

Defining a Class
Creating an Object
Instance Data and Class Data
Access Modifiers

6. Using Java Objects

Printing to the Console
Printf Format Strings
String Builder and String Buffer
Methods and Messages
Parameter Passing
Comparing and Identifying Objects
Destroying Objects
The Primitive-Type Wrapper Classes
Enumerated Types

7. Inheritance in Java

Inheritance in Java
Method Overriding
The Object Class



Android Basic


Android – User Interface


Android Advanced Concepts


Android Useful Examples

Custom Web APIs

  • PHP
  • PDO
  • JSON